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Architectural Design



Structure Design

Asian Architectural Theory

Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Housing Study

Theory of Korean Architecture

Theory and Practice

Architectural Research Studio 1-2

Advanced Research 1-2

History Research Studio 1-2

Advanced History Research 1-2

Theory Research Studio 1-2

Advanced Theory Research 1-2

Structure Desgin Studio 1-2

Advanced Structure Research 1-2

Major Requirements

Architectural Design

Architecture Research Studio 1-2

Completes assigned projects by mapping a subject area throughout one year period. The final project outcome is presented at an exhibition or in publication.


History Research Studio 1~2

With literature interpretation and case studies, looks into a synthesis of particular facts and generalization of individual facts, and takes an approach to architecture grounded on historical and cultural context, ultimately establishing the theory of architectural culture.


Theory Research Studio 1-2

Students design their own process of learning from topic selection, literature review, thesis writing, and critical review. The completed thesis is presented at an academic conference organized by the Architectural institute of Korea or Korea Association for Architectural History.

Structure Design

Structure Design Studio 1-2

Explores an integrated approach of merging structure theory and technique and structure design with lectures on technique and studio for designing.

Major Requirements

Major Electives

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