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 The Department of Architecture trains architects to have architectural design capabilities in interior, landscape, environment, complex and urban design to embrace contemporary living environments, while also satisfying the traditional focus on building design skills. The Department of Architecture in K-Arts is situated within the School of Art, rather than the School of Engineering, a feature which distinguishes from all other such departments in Korea. This important feature shows the emphasis taken here on the creative aspects of architecture alongside the engineering part, as evidenced by the media studio courses that have been launched. This two-fold approach helps the Department enable students to constantly experiment and explore new ways of expression and thinking about architecture.

Five-year Curriculum of Architectural Studies

 The Department offers a five-year curriculum of architectural studies focusing on theoretical design and practical theory under its two main goals of studying architectural design and theories. This approach emphasizes the essence of unique design education, grounded in the certification standard of the Royal Institutes of British Architects (RIBA). Furthermore, the Department is currently targeting accreditation from KAAB (Korea Architectural Accrediting Board) by 2015 for the degree courses of the Department of Architecture. This accreditation would allow students to become ‘registered architects’ to be able to go onto a career as an architect in Korea upon graduation.

In-depth and Intensive Education

 The various design studio courses on offer here each year provide a level of depth and intensity not found in similar courses elsewhere, while also offering theoretical courses attended by the optimal number of students. The faculty goes with students of all years on architectural field trips within Korea and to other countries in the spring and autumn. These fieldtrips enable the attendees to broaden their perspective on architecture and reinforce the fellowship among members of the Department.
Graduation shows and yearend exhibitions are held at the end of the year, providing an opportunity for students to showcase the skills they have built up during the year. Students have the chance to explore themes that are difficult to be examined during the semester through workshops held over the vacation period, which are also open to the public.

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