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Intermediate Studio 2019

Ji-young Lee


- if you w ant place within old city of Seoul

 The studio requires students to take a position on one of the most urgent issues in architecture: having one’s own living place. More specifically the studio will be asked to design affordable houses for the youth in the very central of Seoul, within the Seoul city wall.


 There is a long history of the house that is no longer safe retreat for those who have escaped the harshness of the city. House became an infrastructure, a machine for living as Le Corbusier said. There is a main question implied within this project: what is the social and political meaning of housing in this age? The aim of Intermediate Design Studio is to redefine affordable housing as a first step towards equal redistribution within the city.


 We are starting a project from the ‘room’, or ‘bang’. Revisiting the room means to challenge the idea of what is public and what is private within the house itself. We will only focus on the definition of room and the subject itself without site.


 The project will be then devoted to the choice and investigation of a city. This will be accompanied by lectures on Asian and European architectural languages. Each student will be asked to critically read selected precedents by renovating it with their thesis for a room one’s own. This short workshop will be ended up with drawings and one image. The studio sees the production of drawings and images not as description or illustration, but as a specific argumentative language.


 Starting from the room, we will try and propose an alternative for the chosen city without resorting to traditional design categories of apartments or condominium.


 Second semester will be devoted to the actual conclusions of the thesis as the representation through drawings, images, models and technical strategies. 2nd year students will be asked to propose one housing building whileas 3rd year students will be asked to propose a block of housing buildings.

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