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Intermediate Studio 2019

Do-eun Lee

How to really see what is around us … Learning from “As Found”


“As found is a small affair: It’s about being careful”
A&P Smithson

 The work of the studio starts with the careful observation and observation of the objects, architecture, and urban environment surrounding us in our daily lives. It is based on the idea that the potential of architecture is not found in a new and special things, but can be found through understanding and observing what we currently have.


 After finishing the ‘careful observation’ of one object, we will try observe the urban space(environment). In urban space, many things work together based on a variety of relationships. This urban space becomes another subject of study and we will look closely at its features.


 Especially, by choosing a space that can be adjusted as a public space rather than a private building, we think about the life of the people and find out the present possibilities of the urban space and architecture, and try to propose ideas to reveal its value.


 It should be noted that we must be cautious in discerning out values and values residents of that place. Careful consideration of the method of exposing these values and of the boundary between new thing and things has always been present is required.

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