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Advanced Studio 2019


Seoul Interrotta


- Architecture as city

 For a long time, the city has been e valuated by its functionalistic and systematic way not by its architecture itself. In this way, architecture has been understood as a secondary element built onto 2-dimensional plot rather than a primary production with the physical form with a vivid space.


 The role of architecture in the city has been reestablished since Aldo Rossi published the book named ‘The architecture of the city’. This establish -
ment seems rather old and basic now adays. Nevertheless the reason to bring this kind of discourse into a contemporary ever changing situations with
computer related technology, is because of the belief that architecture is a physical result as an artifact that provides an actual experiences and memories in the city we live on e very day. In this sense, the city becomes ‘the ensemble of equal individuals’ (individual architectures and spaces) quoted from the book ‘architecture as city’ by Florian Beigel and Phillip Cristou.

- Specific indeterminate
 In this year, we are challenging to make an urban artifact which can give the experiences and memories of the past in the future- ‘permanences’. The term ‘specificinde terminate’ will be discussed to understand this ‘permanences’ and employed in the design process. Through Aldo Rossi writing in his book ‘A Scientific Autobiography’, we can have a initial idea. ‘Architecture becomes the vehicle for an e vent we desire, whether or not it actually occurs; and in our
desiring it , the e vent becomes some thing ‘progressive’ in the Hegelian sense... it is for this reason that the dimensions of a table or a house are very
important - not , as the functionalists thought, because they carry out a de termined func tion, but because they permit other functions’

- Logical decoding
 After defining the terminology of what we are intent to use in two weeks seminars at the beginning, the first step will be the exploring and testing all sor ts
of coexistences and proximities in the various city including Seoul through Nolli plan. The structure of urban artifacts and classification of urban elements
will be discussed. The precise and logical approach is necessary.

- Area searching in Seoul
 Searching for appropriate left over/ void/ disused... urban space such as square , park, station, power plant, river, island etc where urban artifacts will be
manifested - specially the place where ‘a primary element of a particular nature which has the power to retard or accelerate the urban process’.

- Sensual scenarios

 Then we will imagine sensual aspec ts of area searched that has been produced by its condition according to necessary needs of the time and docu -
ment those with the various techniques of representational way. It is description on memory and locus of the site. We will thereaf ter deploy resources what
have been described and make scenarios for the city of memory and desire. The scenarios will have the poetry of the space and the architecture.

- Making an urban primary artifact

 Precedent studies will be accompanied for understanding of the meaning of remaining artifacts that have 'permanences' within the city. The artifact with permanences should act as a 'specific urban primary element that has functioned as nuclei of aggregation'. Which means this artifact will be the generator for the ensemble of equal individuals as city. In a way, to design this kind of artifact, one very important aspect of the sensual scenarios developed will be a starting point.

- Seoul Interrotta

 Final purpose of this studio is to design the area searched with personal scenarios. It is the architecture as specific indeterminate city with spacial ontinuity.
A contemporary interpretation on what we have been discussed into a physical form in Seoul will be a liberal task with qualitative imaginations.

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